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Our first walk in Granada Home / Our first walk in Granada

Our first walk in Granada

Hello everyone!

I’m Jose Avila, and I’ll be posting things about my City Granada. If you are in my web, maybe it is because you are interested in buying a house in Spain. Mostly I recommend Granada. Why? Granada, as a city, is totally unique; its matchless combination of Spanish, Moorish and modern European cultures is worth staying for alone. Take a walk in the historic center, while you eat ice cream, head for “El Paseo de los Tristes” a magical street at the foot of the Alhambra, bathed by the river Darro, this place will make you fall deeply in love.


From this walk, without a map, venture into the heart of the beloved Albayzín neighborhood. Lose yourself in its picturesque streets of white houses and balconies full of flowers, I am sure that you will never walk the same streets to reach the same destination, that is its magic. Once you have crowned the neighborhood Albayzín, you arrive at the famous viewpoint of San Nicolás, from there you can enjoy one of the best sunsets, where the light of the sun, lives up to the meaning of the name of the Alhambra: red castle.

Once you have seen this wonderful moment, you can enjoy the tapas of Granada, in each bar with your drink you have a free appetizer to accompany. Go from bar to bar, tasting the gastronomy of this city, which will also be cheap. (The cost of living in Granada is not high)

In this first post we took a little walk around Albayzín, but little by little I’ll describe this wonderful city.



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